About Us

Who We Are

Simple. Quick. Accurate. Cost Effective.

These are the strengths of the services provided by ViCan Technology to meet the plant drawing needs of North American engineering companies in the oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, ViCan Technology partners as the “office in the next room”, concentrating on as building drawings to produce quality as built records. Formed in 2002, ViCan Technology is a small company offering a high level of quality control at very competitive rates through its offices in Vietnam. Modern communication techniques mean fast turnaround times and ViCan Technology has, with small jobs, produced several hundred as built drawings overnight.

In the past 10 years ViCan Technology has completed contracts ranging from several hundred dollars to larger scale assignments worth millions of dollars. Several hundred jobs have been completed for Suncor Energy.

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Our Process

ViCan’s process is built on the critical functions of document control, project monitoring, quality control and assurance, and continual communication with the client and team. As an outsourced operation, ViCan Technology operates as the “guys in the next office” and by utilizing overlap hours and communication in real time, projects are kept on schedule.

By arranging a two tier approach for processing work, clients benefit economically with fast returns while still obtaining quality, accuracy and efficiency. Complex front end work is completed in Alberta while the main production work is completed by the off-shore division.

Canadian-trained employees in Vietnam remain up-to-date on the software required to draft mark-ups (redlines) to specific client drafting standards. The company’s unique approach offers competitive services to companies to upgrade 2-D drawings to 3-D standards.

ViCan Technology bases its fee structure on a unit-cost basis for improved and accurate client budgeting.

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Our Vision

ViCan Technology is committed to providing clients with the utmost quality, cost effective and deadline friendly service.